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Bangor; twinned with Pyongyang.

I was Outraged (Yes that angry I used bold AND underlined) when I read on the BBC that Young People under the age of 16 are to be banned from certain streets of Bangor between the hours of 9pm and 6am. As the title suggests, this is exactly the type of curfew you would expect in North Korea or in George Orwell’s 1984. (Definitely worth a read for anyone who hasn’t already!)

I’m going to give Gwynedd County Council and North Wales Police the benefit of the doubt that they made this decision based on sound statistics that showed clearly and beyond all doubt that it was Young People under 16 years of age causing the trouble. I mean why else would they punish them?

Now I may be slightly biased towards the Young People, considering a good chunk of the last 4 years of my life has been dedicated to work branching from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. But as the Children’s Commissioner, Keith Towler put it “it demonises under-16s, isolates them from their communities, alienates them from police and spreads the misconception that all young people are troublemakers”

I thought we lived in a society where inclusion, not exclusion was the key. The proponents of this scheme talk about wanting to regenerate the city. Perhaps they could ask the Young People why they congregate where they do, and come to a compromise. Perhaps this is where the Young People feel safe. The Unitary Authority could provide alternative safe places to hang out for them.

If Gwynedd County Council actively involved Young People in providing ideas to regenerate the city, they would perhaps gain a sense of ownership and responsibility. Especially if one Young Person can say to all his mates “See that there? That was my idea!”


Punishing the majority, for something they haven’t done is wrong.


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Ryan’s super-duper definitive guide on what to do if you find Facebook’s constant in-your-face updating and privacy invadingness (Yes it’s a word) annoying!

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Voting – Should I, Shouldn’t I?

With the 2012 Local Government elections imminent many people are getting their polling cards through the door. For the most part the hardest question many people have had to face in recent months has been ‘One or Two-ply?’ Now, however, they will have to decide for whom they will vote , or even if they will vote! I’m not here to push some partisan bullshit (I’m saving that for another post) I want to encourage you to vote.

What is voting? I see voting as the process of going to a Polling Station, using the postal vote system or a proxy vote and deciding who you want to represent you in your local area. This is the basic principle of democracy.

Why should I vote? Well, if you don’t you don’t this opportunity which only appears every few years.

Why am I going on about a right to vote? Because in recent years we’ve heard the media going on about turnout numbers decreasing every election, we have simply become complacent about our right to vote.

So what would happen if I didn’t vote? Not much really. You don’t get counted on any election statistics except the ones which the media like to use to publicise how badly the government are doing to encourage people to vote!

What could I do instead of not voting? If you don’t like the candidates but still want to make sure your vote is counted you should go to the Polling Station and go through the process of taking a Ballot Paper into the stall. This is the best bit! Now you’re here, no-one can see what you do in there, even if you don’t mark the paper! Not marking a candidate counts as Abstaining from the vote which means that you want your vote for “No one” to be counted.

Is there anything else I can do if I don’t like the candidates? Short of going up to tell and telling them how rubbish they are (they don’t respond well to this sort of thing) You could stand for election! All politicians had that moment when they decided they wanted to become politicians. Admittedly some in other places than others. David Cameron was most probably encourages when he was rushed off to Eton at the age of 2. For others they just wanted to get involved and do something about the government instead of just moaning constantly!

But, but, but, I don’t have the time to vote! Well if you aren’t able to fit the 10 minutes it takes to vote into your schedule, even though the polling stations are open from 7am till 10pm then you could try postal vote or a proxy vote!

P-p-postal vote? Yes indeed, due to the technological advances of this country for decades you’ve been able to send your vote to be counted via the post! Technology eh? Next they’ll have these things you can use to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world! Nonsense I say!

Wait, so what’s a Proxy vote? A Proxy vote is where you ask another person to vote on your behalf, I’m not sure of the process you need to go through for this but I’ll post links at the end of the page!

Wait! Don’t go, I have another question! Post your question in the comments and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can!

God save the Queen!

A few months ago I was staying at my Dad’s house as I do every other weekend. The acoustics in the house are odd. There used to be a fireplace in the living room, the fire has been removed however the piping to take the fumes out hasn’t. Unfortunately for me this pipe is an excellent conductor of sound and goes directly through my room; for me this means that I can hear clearly whatever is on the television downstairs.

More to the point, my Dad had come home from one of his many outings to the pub at around 1/2am (Which even by his standards is late) I can only guess as my eyes were in that state where you could make out basic shapes and locations, but not specifics. He turned the television on and being from the era of the Sex Pistols, found a show on BBC 3 exploring their career from an early stage to worldwide stars.

Due to the awful acoustics of the house I was awoken by the Sex Pistols singing “God Save the Queen” and “Anarchy in the UK” and as you do- in those weird semi-awake times where you’re not completely aware of what you’re doing; especially when you’re more concerned with going back to sleep because you have to be up for work at 7.30 – a thought came to me. Now I try to be witty and succinct as much is feasibly possible (although I do fail on many an occasion) “As much as I love hearing the Sex Pistols sing about the anti-establishment agenda of the 70’s, it’s really not bloody appreciated at 2am”

This may seem completely random and I’m going to be enitrely honest, it is.

For anyone who thought this was going to be an intelligent and impressive piece on how the Sex Pistols (and the general punk movement) helped the people break the chains of the establishment, only for the restraints replaced with even stronger shackles of governmental control, I’m sorry. That is reserved for another day, after I do some proper research into the era. Although how doing a Maths degree will help me with this I haven’t worked out yet.

If you woud like to read a blog that explores the finer points of current affairs (Who has much more knowledge of History than me as a result of him actually studying History at A Level) Check out this:


The film “The Iron Lady” was released today. It is a film about Baroness Thatcher and her struggle to become the first female prime minister of Britain (Or the United Kingdom, Or Great Britain, or The birthplace of western civilisation. I’m don’t mind) Back to the point. Some tweeters (Including John Prescott himself) have taken a satirical approach to the making of films of Tory leaders and have offered their own suggestions for film names for the Right Hon. David William Donalds Eton-Educated  Cameron.

Here is a list of my favourites so far (I’ll probably update it with more later)

  • @this_is_james “The wizard of Osborne”
  • @Charl20Leana “How to lose votes and alienate people”
  • @JohnPrescott “The wizard of Osbourne”
  • @nigenet “No Country for Old People, the Sick, the Young, the Vulnerable…”
  • @thatandywhite “I am bellend”
  • mswale “Sacking Private Ryan”
  • @notjarvis “Get rich or die crying”
  • @Catgnome “Dumb and Dumber”
  • @Lickedspoon “No country for poor men”

Free beer tomorrow!

This Image is no longer available *sadface*
Free beer tomorrow!

The original title for this blog was going to be “Free beer tomorrow” because I wanted a witty and laughable title that would attract the masses. Instead however, when I was signing up for wordpress they said that the domain had already been used (I checked and all that’s there is this picture). But nonetheless I must create a blog, I thought!

So here we are, with the not-so-witty title of my name.

What will I write about? I don’t have a clue

When will I write? Whenever I have Time/Effort or Both

Well, thanks for reading and until the next time!

P.s what does the phrase “Calm the rhetoric” mean?